Aven May going home!

10 days old

She's a very calm girl most of the time:)

Pics with big Sister

1 month ...can't believe how fast it has gone by!

I know many have seen the news on Facebook, but can't leave the blogging world out. Here is our big news! Adi is elated:)

Well I would say our kitchen/living remodel is 90% complete so I can finally post before and after pics. We love it! Thanks to my wonderful husband and his patience on a 1938 house!


Very dingy before....
Love the way it turned out !

Dining with window before-
Now sliding glass door and new ceiling/lighting
A couple during photos....toddlers and construction-can't beat it

Wow a new post....

Well, as I am looking, it has been 3 months since my last post. But thought the third birthday warranted an update. Mostly posting on Facebook these days, but since not all the family accesses that, will try to update the blog more often!

Adi's 3rd Birthday~ladybugs...ladybugs!!

Josh decorated....
Loving her presents
My brother Robby even got to come in on leave from the Coast Guard!

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